The Bitlands are an area in Super Paper Mario. It is the third area, and has four levels. It has the most variety between the levels by far.

3-1, Edit

3-1 is a level in The Bitlands. It is the first level in it. It is a pixelated grass level. It is where Mario and Princess Peach can unlock Barry, a Pixl. It is also where Bowser is fought, and then unlocked as a playable character. A part of it is a spoof of 1-2 from Super Mario Bros.

3-2, Edit

3-2 is the second level in The Bitlands. It is a pixelated water level. It is where the Big Blooper is fought. It is also where the Pixl Thudley is unlocked.

3-3, Edit

3-3 is the third level of The Bitlands. It is a pixelated tree level. It is where Dimentio is fought for the first time, and it is revealed that he is testing Mario and Co.

3-4, Edit

3-4 is the fourth level of The Bitlands. It is a pixelated fortress level. It is where Carrie that Pixl is unlocked. It is also where Francis is fought. If players go back there after the game is defeated, they can buy Tiptron. It is also where the fourth Pure Heart is found.

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