Lady Timpani (Tippi)Edit

Power: Can make things appear

Look: Tippi looks like a butterfly

Get: Start of game


Power: Can throw things

Look: Thoreau looks like a hand and a baseball glove

Get: Chapter 1-2


Power: Can blow thing up

Look: Boomer looks like a bomb with wings

Get: Chapter 2-1


Power: Make you invisable

Look: Slim looks like a tornado

Get: Chapter 2-3


Power: Can make you be able to ground pound

Look: Thudley looks like an upsidedown bucket with eyes

Get: Chapter 3-2


Power: Can let you ride on him

Look: Carrie looks like a folded cross

Get: Chapter 3-4


Power: Makes items and blocks appear

Look: Fleep looks like a square with wings and eyes

Get: Chapter 4-2


Power: Can let you use him as a hammer

Look: Cudge looks like a hammer with eyes and wings

Get: Chapter 5-2


Power: Can make you tiny

Look: Dottie looks like a tiny circle with millons of pins on it

Get: Chapter 5-4


Power: Can make a tune for each hero and many other odd things

Look: Piccolo looks like a music note

Get: Random House in Flopside after finsihing a sidequest for Merlee


Power: Can make you have total defense for a second

Look: Barry looks like a spikeball with a sad face

Get: Chapter 3-1 after completing Chapter 3


Power: Can make you dash

Look: Dashell looks like a sideways hexagon with two dots on the left side

Get: Flipside Pit of 100 Trials Room 100