Chapter 1-1: The Adventure UnfoldsEdit

When you arrive in Lineland, head to a house and use Tippi to make a door appear. Go through it, and meet Bestovius, a friend of Merlon. He will give you the abilty to flip into 3-D for all the coins in your pocket. Press the A button to get there and to go back into 2-D. Head out to a door that you could not reach before, get through everything else and your done!

Chapter 1-2: Afoot in the FoothillsEdit

You will arrive on Mount Lineland. Use Tippi to form some platforms. Flip and press a button. Fight some Koopas and run into some Spike Balls (Thats not really what their called) Flip and dodge them and go into a door. Once you enter, you will see that their is a gap that you cannot get over. Head into a pipe and head to a house. Head to the second floor and flip and you will find a man that looks like Mario. He will tell you that his name is Red. To open a bridge in the gap he will ask you a question.

What is the most amazing color in the universe?: Red

He will then open a bridge and you will go on it and enter Yold Town. Head to the third house to the right, flip into 3-D and find a pipe behind the changing areas. Go in into it. You will find stompers and flip into 3-D to dodge them, go in the next door, use Tippi to find another door, and enter it. The door will lock behind you, open a chest a get the pixl Throeau. Then use Throeau to hit a switch that will unlock the door, go back through it and head back to Downtown Yold Town, Head into the fourth house to the right, and meet Watchitt, he will only call his friend, Green, if you have Throeau. He will then realize that you have him and call Green. He tells you to go to Green's house (Green looks like Luigi) and you do so. And this is the stupid part, Green opens the bridge before he asks the question. You dont have to get it right, go on the bridge and hit the star block and your done.

Chapter 1-3: The Sands of YoldEdit

You arrive in Yold Desert, find a red tree and jump in front of it ten times and a door will appear, head into the door and find a dead end, use Throeau to hit a switch and continue, you will find a door and a save block, save and head into the door and meet and fight O'Chunks.


HP: 20

Attack: 1

Defense: 0

Attacks: Twister Throw, Running Lunge, Jump, Ground Pound

After O'Chunks is deafeated, he mistakes Mario's name for Maria. And he leaves.

Chapter 1-3: The Sands of Yold (Continued)Edit

You then continue and find a platform, jump on it and press 1 and + and the star block will appear. Then your done!

Chapter 1-4: Monster of the RuinsEdit

Tippi says the next Pure Heart is near, head to the door and go through it. Head to a door and find a key, go to the top right of the room and unlock a door, go past some traps and find yourself in mid-air, flip a hit the red blocks, you will eventually get the key, head to the locked door and open it,



HP: ??

Atk: 1

Def: 0

Attacks: 3-D+ 2-D Sandstorm Swoop, Frackles Spawn

Then head through a door and meet Merlumia, she will give you the Pure Heart. Then the chapter ends.

Heart Pillar Location: Flipside 3rd Floor