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Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is a game in the Super Mario series. It is for the SNES. It is also called Super Mario RPG, or Super Mario Role-Playing Game. It was the first Mario role-playing game, and Paper Mario is its spiritual successor to it. It was made to be a farewell to the SNES after the N64 was made.

Plot Edit

Princess Peach is kidnapped by King Bowser. Mario chases him to Bowser's Keep. Mario defeats him while standing on chandeliers, A sword named Exor falls onto the castle, and destroys the Star Road. Mario cannot get to the castle to save Princess Peach, and Exor tells him that the castle is the property of the Smithy Gang.

Gameplay Edit

Super Mario RPG, as the name suggests, is an RPG/ Platformer. The playable characters are Mario, Princess Peach, Mallow, Geno, and Bowser. Mario can fight with two of his partners at a time in battles. If a character loses all their HP, they will be unable to fight unless revived. The characters' speed affects how often they fight. Attack affects how strong characters are when they fight enemies. Defense and armor determine how much HP characters lose when they get hit. Magic Attack shows how strong their special skills are. Magic Defense protects characters against enemies' special attacks.

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