Sammer's Kingdom is an area in Super Paper Mario. It is the sixth area in the game.

6-1, Edit

6-1 is the first level in Sammer's Kingdom. In it, Mario and Co. have to fight 25 Sammer Guys. Then, the kingdom starts getting destroyed by the void. Mimi shows up to stall Mario and Co., and the kingdom gets destroyed.

6-2, Edit

6-2 is the second level of Sammer's Kingdom. It is completely empty and blank, with a few ruins. Mr. L and Brobot L-type are fought later in the level. Then, the seventh Pure Heart is unlocked.

Note: 6-3 and 6-4 are similar to 6-1, and can be beaten after the game is completed. Mario and Co. will get Catch Cards of all his previous partners from Paper Mario and Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door from King Sammer after beating the 100th Sammer Guy, End Boss.