Outer Space is an area in Super Paper Mario. It is the fourth area in the game, and has four levels.

4-1, Edit

4-1 is the first level of Outer Space. It is where Squirps starts helping Mario get the fifth Pure Heart.

4-2, Edit

4-2 is the second level in Outer Space. It is set on Planet Blobule, which has very low gravity. It is also where Fleep, a Pixl, is unlocked.

4-3, Edit

4-3 is the third level in Outer Space. It is similar to 4-1. In it, Mario and Co. have to manipulate Squirps to open doors.

4-4, Edit

4-4 is the fourth level in Outer Space. It is a labyrinth level that involves a lot of back-tracking. It is also where Mr. L is fought for the first time. After he and Brobot are defeated, Mario gets the fifth Pure Heart.