Gloam Valley is an area in the Super Mario series. It is the second area in Super Paper Mario. It has four levels in it, and is where Princess Peach is unlocked and the third Pure Heart is found.

2-1, Edit

2-1 is the first level of Gloam Valley. It is the first level in the game where Princess Peach is playable, as she is unlocked right before it. One of Mimi's former slaves that escaped can be found in the level, and he warns Princess Peach not to go to Merlee's Mansion. He will insult Mario and Bowser. Boomer is also unlocked in 2-1.

2-2, Edit

2-2 is the second level is Gloam Valley. It is part of Merlee's Mansion. In it, Mimi, Merlee's assistant, tries to kill Mario and Princess Peach in a trap. After they find a key to the exit, they can get out, and Mimi will get attacked by one of Merlee's pets.

2-3, Edit

2-3 is the third level in Gloam Valley. It is a sweatshop in Merlee's Mansion. In it, Mimi enslaves Gloam Valley villagers and makes them generate electricity. It is also where Slim is unlocked.

2-4, Edit

2-4 is the fourth level in Gloam Valley. It is the basement of Merlee's Mansion. It is where Mimi becomes a spider and chases Mario and Princess Peach. Also, Mimi can finally be fought. After she is defeated, Mario and Princess Peach get the third Pure Heart.